Business Process Management application for mobile number portability

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In Hungary the mobile subscribers can select their provider by their own demand. The ability to transfer their phone number is available at every provider so the subscribers have the opportunity to transfer their mobile number from one provider to another.

There was a need for the redesign of the background processes in the mobile number transferring process due to the coming into effect of the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority) law at 2012.09.30. (named as one day number transferring). This law was set up to shorten the lead-time in number transferring by controlling it’s processes, thus simplifying the administration flow and the subscriber can settle up the number transferring process in shorter time and in a complete way. By simplifying the administration works the possibility to make any mistake during the process lowers which raises the satisfaction level of the subscriber.

The purpose of the newly introduced system (Tibco iProcess) is to implement a clear workflow solution for the mobile number transferring process.

In my thesis I would like to review the basics of the number transferring, it’s main categories and to unfold the changes in the one day number transferring law. I introduce the main features of the Business Process Management (BPM) software in which I change the existing processes according to the new law. I also introduce the operation of the Tibco iProcess and the logic of the number transfer flow. After the implementation of the changes it is necessary to test them to have the most error possibilities excluded – those are even described in my thesis.

The aim of my thesis is to model the changes of the number transferring process supporting system with the Business Process Management software which is based on the change in law and the modification of the processes due to this change.


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