Designing of flux vapour extractor device

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Dr. Molnár László Milán
Department of Electronics Technology

The aim of my present thesis is planning, manufacturing and installation of a device that is suitable for extraction of so-called flux vapour (in what follows: cold body). In order to complete the planning, of the cold body I gained expertise in the technology which is used by the Infineon Technologies Cegléd Ltd. Beside the technological knowledge, I gathered information about the composition of the solder paste which is used in production and about the vacuum furnace used during the soldering process.

In order to determine the quantity of evaporated and re-condensed flux I planned a measurement procedure. Measurements were carried out based on the planned measurement procedure, I evaluated the results of these measurements, and based on the assessment I estimated the expected upper limit of the financial return. The planned measurement procedure is suitable for measuring the effectiveness of the inbuilt cold body. Based on the definition of the suitability of the cold body equipment, expected limits of the return can be calculated.

I took into consideration the manufacturing failures caused by flux-residue and causes of these mistakes. I examined the possible places of the cold body inside (and outside) of a furnace and the most suitable structure of this appliance. During the planning process, I took into consideration the continuous operation of the cold body, during production, and its expediency.

The planned cold body was manufactured and the necessary tube fittings and flexible tubings were ordered. I pre-tested the manufactured cold body outside a soldering furnace I examined the possible ways of installation. Based on this, I inserted the cold body into the soldering furnace and I carried out the necessary capability tests on it.

Based on the tests and measurements done on the cold body I put forward proposals for the suitability of the cold body and its applicability.


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