Building Continuous Integration system

OData support
Knapp Ádám
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Automation gets more and more emphasized in our rushing world. We would like to accomplish our software development related tasks as soon as possible, avoid the everyday roles and put more emphasis on creating activity.

The purpose of the continuous integration systems is to take the burden off from our shoulder caused by the routine work. Due to this the time we can spend on developing is increasing because there is no need for developer supervision at the case of automatized steps. We do not have to be afraid of accidently forgetting any steps: every part of the CI stream will be run automatically by the specified settings.

The job is only to create the system. Elemental steps which included in the continuous integration pipeline will be run by the occurrence of the specified circumstances. We get feedback about the results of the process. So beside that we have to spend less time with the unnecessary integrations, we get immediate feedback from the code integrations made by changes in the project.


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