Web application deveplopment with GWT supporting continous integration

OData support
Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

At current large scale software enterprises Agile methodologies are becoming rapidly preferred. Heavy emphasis is being put on cooperation between the involved parties, including the customer..Cooperation between developers and developer teams lead to a fragmented project, hence the necessity of integration. The sooner and more often the integration takes place, the minimal is the cost of fixing software defects.

The concept of Continuous Integration (CI) is to help developers work by providing automatic and frequent integration of the software product. It enables the discovery of fault at an early stage. CI uses different tools for testing and checking the codebase under development. CI systems are usually heterogeneous, therefore they do not provide a summarized feedback on the actual state of the project.

During my work I became familiar with the basics of Agile software development and Continous Integration also to its used tools. With the data provided by the different tools of CI developed a web based application – since they’re easy to use and develop - that has a homogenous view, using GWT/Java.

The said web based application, - named „Java Lávalámpa” – was developed by me after the needed knowledge was taken. For the necessary features I used SQLite database and Apache Tomcat server, so I had the chance to recognize them.


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