Development of Interpreter Delegation System

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During my thesis I showed the structure and design of a system capable of managing and transmitting translations, from the selection of appropriate functions through implementing the software unto the testing and documentation.

The system provides a surface for users uploading their text waiting for translation, and an other surface for a interpreters with rendering support. The system is able to divide text between the online interpreters. The texts are divided optimally, making the time of the translation the shortest possible. The possibilities of certain divisions are examined by an algorithm, which defines the optimal spread of the text.

The system is server-client based online surface. The server is based on php, mysql, whilst the client surface is html and JavaScript based. The systems view and layout is dynamic, depending on the users activity and the files saved to the database. The requirements of the system are basic, an internet browser on the users computer and internet connection.


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