Development of a translation support system

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis is describing the preparation of a document workflow module, and a reference document storage modul. It will guide the reader through the introduction of the home application of the module and the description of the existing elements. Then One can read about the process of planning, the implementation, and finally about the completion of the new modules.

The first part is dealing with the introduction of a localization environment, called memoQ. In this section the Reader can find a description about the basic functions of memoQ client and of memoQ Server, and there will be a few words about the technological environment of the software.

The next parts are describing the operation of the already existing modules. This chapter contains concepts and definitions that are essential for the successful-understanding of the following parts of this thesis.

Following that there will be a description of the tasks (problems) which will specify what functions the new modules have to fulfill. During the planning process I was dealing with the structure of the new systems at the first place. As it will determine the subsequent tasks, I devoted a lot of time to this part. In the planning-description section of the thesis the different components of the new module will be introduced. After reading this part it will be clear for everyone, which tasks (problems) have to be solved during the implementation of each components.

The last large part of the thesis will show the details of the implementation. The whole can be divided into two big parts, which are derived from the different tasks. The first part is dealing with the docuemnt workflow system in itself. In this section all components will be described that are in any connection with the workflow handling (document import, delivery, workflow loops, manual workflow changes, document history). The second big part gives an outline of the realization of those functions that are in tight relation with the new reference document storage module (document import, index handling, document modification, document content retrieving).

The evaluation chapter will show the advantages of the new modules against the old ones and how it was possible to realize the duty successfully.


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