Development of a CAT tool in .NET environment

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is about implementing a brand new function to qTerm, a module of memoQWeb, which is the web-client of memoQ CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool. Also participate in the completion of certain web project management tasks. This document contains a brief overview of the CAT tools, my tasks related to memoQWeb, the challenges appeared during the development, short introductions of the technologies that were used, and the detailed description of the implemented features.

My task consists of 2 subtasks:

• develop a component to the qTerm terminology management module that makes possible to show terminology databases in formatted HTML in the browsers and allow the HTML to be exported into PDF in an efficient way

• participate in the development of the Project Management module which is a brand new module and search for technologies necessary for the implementation

In case of the first task the goal is to provide a user interface into an existing module that allows users to view terminology databases in two kinds of view. The first one gives rich displaying of entries along with their metadata and images while the second one just shows a glossary view of the term base entries. The exported pdf must look the same as the HTML looks in the user’s browser.

The second task is about implementing the listing of projects and the management of their documents using current web-technologies. This allows users to do their daily routine throughout their favourite browser.


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