Traffic Measurements and Analysis on Android

OData support
Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


In today’s world many tasks can be solved by using a smartphone, which earlier required the use of a computer. The phone is always at one’s disposal because they are even more protable than laptops. These are the main reasons for mobile operating systems, among them for Android playing an important role in generating internet traffic, with an exponential tendency.

The first chapter discusses the phenomenon of smartphones gaining popularity over other devices, reflecting on the nowadays most popular mobile operating system, Android.

That was the motivation, to investigate the data traffic generated by Android phones through several measurements, and afterwards make statistics on behalf of the data, and to come to a conclusion. The method used for the measurements is described in the second chapter.

The goal was to make the analysis with an Android program providing the opportunity of becoming more familiar with the platform. In the third chapter, I present the development of the application with special focus on the tools being used in the development process. I was trying to make the third chapter as general as possible to provide an overlook for those eager to get familiar with Android programming.

After presenting the development environment, I portray the finished application in the fourth chapter, analyse the results and discuss the possible enhancements.


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