Development of traffic generator for third generation mobile networks

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The target of my project is oriented to make easier the weekday work of the Testing Engineers. The first target of my work was to collect the opportunities and analayze these. In the procedure of creating Third Generation Mobil Telecommunication Network units the continous testing process is necessary. To complete this testing, it is essential to generate the traffic. This traffic makes the real units testable. My mission is to analyze the Third Generation Telecommunication Network and testing methods. The traffic can be generated by generators and by other devices, too. In this document, I present the function and the traffic parameters of the analyzed methods. The first development step is planning and creating the environment, taking the claim of these methods into the consideration. The goals and the advantages of this work were considered before the development process. Initially the goal was to determine the targets and start developing by creating the environment configurations and installations. I determined the principles in the early part of the development to provide the automation of development without big modification. After that I continued the development, as it was a bigger work. In this part the target was to create a system with good working conditions for me. So, it was required to write program codes, and to know the test environment deeper and also the database where the system specific data is stored. At the end of my work when I finished with programming codes, I tested these in more steps. The program code, the system and the result is the same as expected and no errors were found.


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