Comparision of some traffic engineering alternatives

OData support
Dr. Do Van Tien
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The growing need for using the Internet and the fast developing technologies have made it necessary for internet providers to make their services more effective and easily available for their subscribers. The healthy competition in the market made the development and modernization of the self-owned networks mandatory. At the same time, these services need to be available at a competitive price.

These developments and modernization processes entailed several different technologies. Among these are different efficiency enhancing solutions resulting in new fast and competitive services in the market. As a result of the new technologies internet users generate more and more internet traffic which must be managed by the service providers. In order to serve this purpose different strategies were born, out of which the most wide-spread is the traffic management based on the MPLS technology.

For this purpose service providers use different tools that are suitable for managing and directing extensive internet traffic.


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