Developement of a road traffic simulator

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Driving a car is part of our everyday life. Most of us drive to spare the time, so the most frustrating thing is seeing that passengers are faster than we are in a car. This happens when we get in a traffic jam. Traffic management, for saving us from these situations is not an entirely new research area. There are a lot of projects in this subject to get ideas from, but most of these projects draw the conclusion that traffic jams mainly happen because of the high number of cars and the solution is that we should lower the density of vehicles.

In my thesis I tried to create a simulator that can help see the problem from another point of view: the attributes of the drivers. Since in the end it will be the driver who makes an error that causes a traffic jam, but a human decision may solve a problem bet-ter than a machine.

I have achieved developing a program that can simulate a section of a highway, in which cars arrive periodically. The program contains the possibility of placing roadblocks, thus creating a jam, and the user can customize the attributes of the cars.

Studying the outcome of the simulation, we can see that the drivers who prefer faster speed and hold up shorter safety gaps are reducing the dispersal time of a traffic jam.

The software has only basic parameters, so the outcome may seem obvious, but this information can still be important in the topic of self-driving cars. In the later develop-ment of the program more complex conclusions can be gathered.


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