Algorithms for urban traffic control

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Urban traffic algorithms

In this paper several different traffic control algorithm are presented. These algorithms are used to control traffic lights, usually the most important parts of the urban traffic environment.

The first section describes a discrete-time model called CTM, which is derived from a continuous-time flow modeling system. Two different algorithms are presented. The first one uses a genetic-algorithm and the second uses a fuzzy-logic based control strategy. The differences and benefits of the two models are presented

The second section is based on an artery modeling system. Two different strategies are presented, one also a genetic algorithm based and the other one with a gradient optimization technique in multi-dimension problem space. The differences between the strategies are also highlighted.

The third section uses an urban traffic net system as the basis of different strategies. One uses one of the artery based algorithms mentioned above, extended with traffic net specific limits and items. The other one is a simple and naive strategy for measuring and comparing purposes only.


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