Urban traffic control methods

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays we are using intelligent devices in more and more areas of our life's, that are often synchronized with each other. This happens the same way in traffic-networks. In developed countries we could not only get feedback from the network about the direction we could go but with the help of different sensors we also give information to the network about our current position or chosen route. We could use this information set in many ways like building a database based on several years statistic of networks signals and vehicle movement to improve modeling and simulation techniques. Moreover we could develop a control system, which use recent information to actuate into the network signal system or the routs of the vehicles.

In this paper we could see among the others a method which could provide dynamic green wave signals in the entire network, and the vehicles rout planning algorithms influence to the global traffic of the network. Also we see into the effect of the dynamic setting of the turning possibilities in a junction. We could see the changes of network permeability and the changes of the traveling time of the vehicles due to the mentioned methods with a dozen separated data.

In the last part of this paper we could see a few possibilities and an abstract of a model, which we could use to implement more realistic simulations of an urban area traffic network. Moreover with this model we could easily compare different optimization methods to global junction signal control or vehicle rout and speed management.


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