Developing an application to aid traffic counting on the .NET platform

OData support
Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With computers involved, the usage of an adequate and high quality software solution could easily become a significant support to the videofile-based traffic counting tasks. Especially when other needs arise, such as organizing the counting tasks into projects and managing them. Seizing the opportunities of both the Internet and the flexibility and usability of thick client applications, we could provide a solution for such needs.

In pursuance of my work, before I was involved in the design and development of a thick client application described above, I familiarized myself with the .NET platform and other related technologies. In my thesis, after showcasing the architectural decisions and the relevant supporting frameworks, I demonstrate the implementation of some of the foundational features of the software with a special emphasis on designing and building high quality user interfaces.

Since most approaches discussed in the paper could be generalized, the frameworks and techniques are reusable in the development of other thick client applications based on the .NET platform, including the solutions applied to the layout and interface.


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