Traffic simulations

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are constant growing issues in urban traffic nowadays. These are traffic jams, and the increasing load on transit lines. Trasportation engineers are working on these problems, the subject is called traffic control. To properly deal with these matters, to improve the quality of traffic controlling, the engineers need capable tools, simulation softwares. But these softwares are on the market, they are commercial products. So to keep their market value, the owners of these programs don’t publish,how these softwares work, not to let the competition use it to their advantage, hindering scientific developement in the process.

In my thesis, I examined the public and accessible solutions, introduced them thoroughly. From the observations I made, I created my own model, which is capable of sufficiently mimicing the occurrent situations in traffic networks. It is useable as a testing tool for traffic management, traffic control applications, as well as being embedded in one, to predict the upcoming changes in traffic. The solution is open for anyone with scientific interrest in the field.

I created a software based on the model. I used this application for testing the model, how well it follows the real life events, and it also helped in refining the unclear parts of the model. Can also be applied for presentation purposes, I made a graphic interface for the software, which visualises a top view of the network.

Eventually I gathered the potential facilities, that can be used to integrate into the existing software. Also giving a perspective, which way the application should be developed.


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