Design of the primary feed system of parabolic antenna

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Dr. Pávó József
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

A numerical method combined with multi-objective optimization algorithm and the design process of a primary feed of a prime focus parabolic antenna are presented in this thesis. The main goal of the thesis is to present a parabolic antenna used in point-to-point communication which satisfies the ETSI EN 302 217-4-2 standards.

Numerical method aided design in case of aperture antennas nowadays still requires extreme computational resources. Therefore, a fast, coupled method based on the finite element method and the method of induced currents is presented, which is able to compute the main antenna properties like return loss, gain and far field radiation pattern.

The method combined with multi-objective optimization is used as a design tool of the primary feed. Based on design experiences, a design recommendation is presented on the applied structure, which reveals the possibility of designing a new antenna family. Design results in the 18GHz frequency band compared with measurement data show good agreement in the verified domain (+/-15°) of the far field pattern.


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