Storyboard driven visual data analysis

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The analysis of data and to explore the correlation between them is not an easy task. Exploratory data analysis and visualization usually takes many steps to get into the desired state.

It would be important to know the series of this kind of steps, namely the analysis process, however the analysis supporting tools are not prepared to display such processes, quasi creating a scenario. Therefore data analysts should save the process manually step-by-step. The result of a single step can not be replayed, just can be estimated based on he saved data.

There are tools, which can create storyboard from the process of analysis, but these can be difficult to use because of the strict structure used by them.

The aim of the thesis is to offer a solution to this problem, with the use of already available programs – in this case the Shiny and XMind technologies. In order to create a scenario or the restore the data from the scenario easily, these programs are must be connected with an implemetation of a two-way conversion between them.


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