Development of a rotary encoder for automotive application

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

Advances in the automotive industry result numerous technology developments, resulting technical challenges for the engineers. Today the automotive manufacturers aim to keep up high mass production while integrating an increasing number of safety and comfort functions into their products. From the electrical steering systems point of view the question is what the expectations of the end-users are against the system.

Until the global usage of the driverless assist systems the steering feel is determined by steering servo motor and control algorithms. Besides, the safe operation of the system is the most important. Development of electric power steering (EPS) system is motivated by progress of both economy and technology.

The rotor position can be measured by multisensor systems, providing rotor angle to the motor controller. After the overview of rotor position sensors in automotive environment, the thesis describes the development of magnetive encoders.

The aim of the thesis is to investigate the design steps of prototypes development. The second part of the thesis is to describe how to improve and create test setup in order to measure components. Based on the measurement results I make proposals for further optimizations.


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