Developing a Formula 1 Application on Universal Windows Platform

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Formula One is the highest class of auto racing and the most popular one at the same time. The television broadcasts of the sport are being watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide throughout the race weekends. The tournament consists of numerous Grands Prix. Customized racing tracks can be found all over the world. The World Championships are being held since 1950. The results of each race are evaluated to determine the annual champion of the drivers and constructors (teams).

It is a top priority matter for the fans of this sport to keep up with the latest news and statistical data of the current season of Formula One. The main purpose of my thesis is to create an application, which provides access to the points scoring systems, detailed informations about the drivers and teams, the results of each race, the race calendar and the latest news.

During the creational process of the thesis I developed an adaptive application, which can be used on the device that you find the most convenient, therefore I chose the Universal Windows Platform for the software platform of the development. The Windows Platform provides the common base of development, so you can freely choose from smart phones, tablets, personal computers or even virtual reality glasses like HoloLens.

The writing of my thesis has given me the oppurtunity to learn a lot about a diverse platform, which I will gladly create new applications for. The aquired experience will prove profitable in the future.


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