Developing a Formula One live timing application on Windows Phone 7 platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Formula 1 Grand Prixes attract the attention of millions of fans each time. Thankfully to uprising technologies, besides watching the races on TV, results can be tracked real-time on Smartphones as well. The client applications receive data using Live Timing service. Such client applications are already implemented on several platforms, but Windows Phone.

The purpose of the thesis is developing a live timing service, which broadcasts generated data by a simulation environment to Windows Phone client applications.

At the beginning I studied the specialties of the Live Timing service and the features of the Windows Phone platform. Based on the results I decided that the two components should communicate by dataflow directly between network sockets.

The simulation environment is implemented according to an established rule system based on analysing of Formula 1 rules. The objects generated from the simulated data pass through the network serialized as JSON format. The client application converts the messages back to these types and updates the user interface.

The client application also has features that provide race calendar information.

The simulation application and the Windows Phone client use static data (events, drivers) provided by a common database. Mindful designing of the database was a fundamental part of the thesis. The applications access the database using WCF services.

The development can be considered successful. The implemented system is capable of satisfying the requirements.


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