BME Formula Racing Team Telemetria system with voice channel

OData support
Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Formula Student is an educational formula motorsport competition. Within its realm university students can compete in the desing, construction and funding of a hobby racing car. The team composed of the students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, called the BME Formula Racing Team is a competitor since 2008, with promising results.

I have recently joined the team and was given two tasks. First, to rewrite the previous telemetry system from the ground up in a modern and well-known programming language; second, to design a system that realizes VoIP voice communication between the pit and the pilot. I have implemented the telemetry system using .NET framework and C\# language, the graphical interface is built on WPF and XAML. The code is multithreaded, separating data handling and visualization, logical segmentation is based on interfaces. VoIP communication is using an 8~kHz, 16~bit PCM format, data sending and receiving is based on NAudio libray functions. In the present absence of the racing car itself, program testing is applied with synthetic data generated on the client side.

My work will continue with the team in the near future. As a first step we will test the softwares as soon as the car is built, and will implement all necessary modifications.


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