Power System of Formula Student Electric racing car

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Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


This thesis demonstrates the development of the power system and the complementary units of the FRCE01 Formula Student racing car, especially focusing on the batteries, the BMS (Battery Management System), and the safety systems of the power system.

The first part of the thesis is about the electric vehicles and the world of the Formula Student competitions. It delineates the points of the development of the Formula Student tournament, the events, and the requirements of these events. In this part of the thesis, there can be also read about the BME Formula Racing Team, which provides the development, its conformation, and the development of electric vehicles from the beginning until now.

The second part summarizes the parameters of the already completed FRCE01 electric racing car.

The third part concentrates on the used electric motors and motor controllers, as well as it deals with quests of solutions, which meet the requirements even more; opportunities in the electric-powered motors, such as the electronic differential and the regenerating of energy.

In the fourth chapter I review some questions and their solutions in connection with accumulators. I mention some characteristics of today’s lithium iron phosphate battery, and I introduce the current and the forthcoming versions’ conformation, electrical characteristics, and the requirements especially concerning the battery management.

This part discusses in details the design and the realization of the battery-packs, which I consider one of the biggest challenges.

The fifth part tells about the construction of the racing car’s electrical system, within that the selection’s aspects of the connectors, wiring, the 12V power supply parts, safety equipment, and the battery-charger.

The sixth part demonstrates the other main idea of the thesis: the construction of the Battery Management System. Here I describe the steps of the designing process, such as the analysis of the requirements, logical and technical system architecture, design of the hardware and the software, implementation, and test results.

However, it has not been involved in the subject announcement, besides the design of the power system, I had to participate in mechanical engineering tasks as well to complete the racing car. I mention these in some pages, after that I summarize the electrical engineering and other tasks, too.

The last chapter of the thesis is a summary. The BMS, and the charging of the battery-packs have worked perfectly so far, since the vivifying we did not discovered any disorders. In this part I write about the pieces of development which can be made until the Formula Student competition held in Torino in autumn, and about the long-term development aims as well.


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