Control of Formula Student Racecar Propulsion Drive

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays electric cars gain ever more ground. Beside of the adequate electronics, precise, quick and reliable control has a significant role in these vehicles. The topic of my degree thesis is the implement of this kind of control, which is able to deal with a widespread three phase synchronous motor. By developing this system, the software will manage to drive a Formula Student car. Because of the previously discussed reasons in the thesis, I chose the field oriented control, which will be presented in detail. I will also show the structure and the actuation of the synchronous motor. Furthermore, there will be a review about the fundamental principles of the safety critical software development as well, which is necessary for the driver to avoid serious injuries in case of system failure. The thesis also covers the features of the chosen control system, the functions of the processor and the applied macros as indispensable conditions of this project. Finally, with the help of the mentioned macros I build up the controlling algorithm, which implements a sensored field oriented control.


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