Nondestructive estamiton of solder volume with image processing

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Sinkovics Bálint
Department of Electronics Technology

The modern failure analysis has numerous requirements that reguire the proper inspection of solder joints. This inspections has a key element witch is the nondestructive method. In my diploma work I developed a method that make possible to estamite the solder volume at individual solder joints, so the failure analysis of these joints are made easier. Firstly I examined the physical background of the method and determined the absorbtion coeficent of the leadless solder (SAC 305), that describe how much the material absorb the x-rays. Secondly I worked with a nearly simmilar problem, so I could get experiance about image processing and I could specify the basics of the future method. Thirdly I concentrated the real problem and developed algorhytms that fit for the various joints. After that I carried out a series of measures to verificate the algorhytms. At last I made a grapical user intarface that provide an easy and fast handling for the users and provide the required resoults for the failure analysis. The program what I made for four semesters is a cheap and easy solution for the solder joints inspection. It is greatest benefits that it is not need any special equipment just a x-ray machine. The flexibility of the program is make possible the using of the method nearly any kind of x-ray machines.


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