Investigation of soldering on biologically degradable circuit boards

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis work I continued my project work and deepened my knowledge of biodegradable polymers. I inquired into recent experiments, and deepened my practical skills related to the topic. With help, I created two kind of boards from biodegradable plastics (PLA, CA). Copper foil was molded without the use of prepreg to these boards, and by the Elekrtronikai Technológia Tanszék department four printed circuit boards were manufactured. To the PCB-s, soilder paste,

with low melting point was printed manually and surface mount resistors were placed onto it with a pick and place machine. From the previous and current experiences I developed a thermal profile compatible with the experimental vapor phase soldering equipment. The electrical resistance of the wires on the PCB were tested before and after soldering. The aim was to measure the wire properties after the soildering and the thermal shock induced on the substrates. The soilder bonds were qualified by x-ray inspection, cross section microscopy and shear tests.


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