Surface analysis of solder joint fractures

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology


In my thesis work I got acquainted with the manifacturing process of the printed circuit, the mechanical test and the fracture surface analysising. I reviewed the literature of development and analysis of fracture surface. I planed sieries of experiments which I analised mechanical strength of surface mount components in different kind of temperature by shear tests and micro-impact tests. I got to know steps of the surface mount technology which I used in skill level by the end of the semester.

I planed and made an unique pendulum wcih looks like Charpy pendulum for the micro-impact tests.

After the experiments I searched context between parameter of mechanical test and developed fracture surface by scanning electron microscope. The hit fracture surface of solder joint with the larger velocity became brittled than the lower velocity. After mechanical tests in heated temperature the brittle and the ductile fracture surface were different. I observed after tha tests that the fracture became bigger probability in higher temperature close the itermetallic layer. That is why these solder joint of mechanical strength could be lower.


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