Design optimization of PV plant taking into account the characteristics of the internal collector system and the external grid conditions

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays utilization of solar power plays significant role in electric power generation. In the last few years several solar photovoltaic power plants were set up in Hungary from small residential to large utility scale projects. In my thesis, I performed several steps of solar photovoltaic power plant design process for a potential siting location in Hungary, taking into consideration the guidelines of the Hungarian Engineering Chamber, which was published in 2015. I performed calculations with technical data of different devices for choosing the solar cell and inverter type and also string size for my project. I made suggestion for such siting of solar cells, that fits for the chosen string size. I also performed calculations to derive optimum tilt angle and azimuth angle of solar cells, considering the location, and rate of return. The aim of this thesis was to give an optimal solution for this power plant, therefore I made an effort to optimize land use, costs, maximize power output, and minimize network losses. I prepared Excel-sheets, macros and Python scripts for these calculations. These tools can make easier the decision-making and the design process, and can be used for later projects after changing the location-specific parameters.

I also performed simulations to explore the impact of the designed power plant on network voltages. In my thesis, I introduced the topology of the network model I built, and also the applied load- and feed-in profiles, which are appropriate for simulating different weather conditions. I examined the direction of power flows in the distribution network, the number of tap changes of the 132/22 kV transformer, network voltages under changeable infeed (caused by changeable weather conditions), and unexpected outage of the full solar power plant.


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