Design of the control card of a frequency converter

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task was the design of the control card of a frequency converter. There was given an industrial frequency converter with its original control card. As the part of the task this control card was redesigned, so later it can be programmed the way, that its functions match the needs.

The first section of the project was the design of the hardware of the control card, during this the connection of the control card and the converter had to be taken into consideration. I had to pay attention to the orientation of the hardware components to make the programming and the connection of the PC practical and easily applicable.

The second part of the task was the design of the program of the control card. The most important was the producing of the switching signals of the IGBT transistors, after that the analog and digital measurements followed, that handle the accidental failures of the converter. Later the protocol for the communication was implemented.

The last component of the assignment was the Java program as the software for the communication with the PC. This included the design of a graphical user interface, the handling of the serial communication with the microcontroller and the display and control of the inner variables of the microcontroller.

After the assembly of the hardware the controller was tested, the switching signals were measured, the results will be presented in the final project.


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