Examination of induction motor drives with frequency converters

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

First, I will show a general view of the electromechanical engines in my thesis. I will classify them. Then I start to describe the induction machines. I will deduce the equations for stationary state and for general case also. I will create a model using MATLAB Simulink. I will detail the results of the simulation.

I design multiple open loop control and closed loop control for the model of the induction motor. I will describe the for example the simple V/f control and the direct torque control which has good dynamic properties. I will run these algorithms and I will show the results.

Finally, I will describe the implementation stages of the V/f controller, like the implementation consideration, and the test processes. Last, I will show how does the controller work using controlling a real motor.

Nowadays there are high requirements of the quality of software and hardware design, first of all designing for safety critical application ex: in automotive industry, where there is more and more electric machines and controller. Therefore, I pay attention for testing the models and implemented controller, to be sure of proper behavior.


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