Frontend Development for DVB PSI/SI Streamer

OData support
Dr. Huszák Árpád
Department of Networked Systems and Services

With the change-over to digital television, new services became avaliable while watching TV at home. We have far more opportunities than changing channels or browsing the teletext. Providers took on chance and started to send way more information to their customers improving the quality of their service with. Tuning the channels is much easier with today’s set-top-boxes, or checking the start time of our favourite series in the electronical programe guide is very easy and fast. We can select the best movies or series in the video stores, or stop the live show, and even watch it back if we missed it earlier.

Digital broadcasting requires a different infrastructure instead of the previous analogue version. Due to our signals are digital and with QAM modulation, we can broadcast more channels in a traditional transponder. This way we can provide more channels in the same spectrum. Because of new infrastrucure and changed communication, PSI/SI (Program Specific Information/System Information) players were implemented. Information of the digital datastreams are transmitted with these servers in PSI and SI tables.

In my thesis firstly I present the basics of digital television systems, the role and structure of the PSI/SI tables. Following that I present how I built a PSI/SI player server in the network of UPC Hungary. I write about the importance and of the PSI/SI server, and present the tables which operate on my server. After this I introduce the building of the server, the main test cases and important parts of streaming. For configuration I also made a graphical user interface, which I will also introduce in my thesis.


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