Development of a front-end for an enterprise document management system using Wicket framework

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis my aim was to develop a complete document-management system that includes three main components: an online user-interface which acts as the entry point for the application, a backend-system which handles the transactions and manages the database of the catalog-tickets and a content-manager software which stores the documents on the file-system. The application was written in Java EE and Wicket.

Nowadays multi-national companies have so many documents, that they cannot handle them without an appropriate document-management software. My primary goal with this application was to support document-management of such companies, and to reduce the cost of the document-handling.

In the application the main features are:

• uploading previously scanned documents to the system;

• searching through the files based on various attributes;

• downloading documents;

• adding new clients/projects to the system and assigning documents to them.

In the following chapters I introduce the Java EE platform and the related technologies that I have used during the development process. After that I introduce the architecture of the application, including details of the components and relationships between them. I also give details about how the application was planned and implemented.

In the last chapter I demonstrate various test-cases for the application and provide short summary about how these tests should be interpreted.


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