Control system development for a functional testing station

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays meeting the requirements of the customers is a complex and diverse task. During industrial production one of the most important aspects is to guarantee the proper quality of the products. To maintain sustainability we need not only well qualified, experienced workforce and modern production equipment, but thorough testing and checking of each piece of manufactured product. To achieve this, special equipment is needed, which are able to filter the faulty products.

Testing is needed in extreme conditions as well (by the testing equipment) in the fastest way as possible, to maintain and provide continuous production. Moreover, in the interest of effectivity, the equipment have to be suitable not only for testing different, similar types of components but for filtering the errors in the earliest possible time, saving valuable time this way.

The subject of my thesis is a function-testing equipment development, which starts with describing the requirements of the equipment operation as well as of the applied sensors and control elements. Then I introduce the hardware components of the controlling system, chosen to fulfil the duty; making a detailed description of the structure and operation of PLC and of the characteristics of HMI. Next is the illustration of the control program and the user interface screens. Finally, I demonstrate the simulation of the ready system.


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