Design of functional tester for automotive electronic control unit

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

In my diploma work my task was to get acquainted with the construction and functioning of electronic control units and the climatic and functional testing theory which belong to the validation processes. In my practical part of my work, I designed a functional tester tower for car parking aiding system which can actuate 6 samples simultaneously. I did a substantial literature research of automotive electronics functional testing and also in virtual instrumentation topics. During my practical part of my work I designed a tester tower concept and the measuring and switching modules for it. After the construction of the system, I developed the control and measure software for the system in Labview programming language. In the last part of my work I substantially tested all the hardware and software parts of the system, after this, I executed the first functional test with the new tower. From the results of the first functional test, I led the proper conclusions and I suggested modifications in the necessary points.


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