Comparing through-hole plating technologies for processing of multilayer PCBs in laboratory environment

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Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

The Crimson through hole metallization technology currently used by the Department of Electronics Technology can not hold the pace with other more recent methods when it comes to multilayer printed circuit boards. The main drawback of this technology is that it can not provide sufficent electrical contacts between the inner copper layers and the through hole mettalization.

Trough my documentation I examine two more appealing solutions for through hole metallization of multilayer printed circuit boards: Conductron and Blackhole. After analyzing these methods, I compare the better option with the technology implemented so far at the department. I concenrate my inspection on investigating the current rating of the contact between the inner copper layers and the through hole metallization.

I take a look into the possibilities needed for replacing the currently used Crimson technology at the department with the previously chosen better method, estimating the cost of the replacement. While redesigning the current voltaic production line, I search for a more optimised rinsing system.


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