Development and implementation of a recorder MIDI controller

OData support
Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

For my thesis I’ve chosen to develop a flute MIDI controller, which can be connected to a MIDI synthesiser, which produces the musical note.

My aim is to create a fully usable and playable musical instrument with the technic of a 6-hole flute. The MIDI interface makes it able to record melody note-by-note and to use various kinds of musical tones.

The hardware measures the strength of blowing, calculates the base-frequency of the flute from the parameters (hole diameters, positions and the length of flute), and generates the MIDI messages for the synthesiser to produce the sound.

The parameters can be set from a user interface, which will be implemented on PC first, and the hardware connects to it through a simple serial interface. The next step will be to implement the UI on a standalone hardware that has a standard MIDI output interface.

I try to plan the instrument to be extendable later,, to emulate other wind instruments, for example brass instruments, thus it could be used as a universal MIDI wind controller.


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