Billing in FusionR: implementing subsumming services for mass billing applications

OData support
Dr. Dobrowiecki Tadeusz Pawel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

FusionR billing, implementation of the subtotal generating function of the mass billing.

The Billing module of the product line FuisonR is responsible for a summary of the items processed by a large amount of customer consumption data and producing the invoice design specified by the client and the statutory regulations.

As part of it, the subtotal generating, which is the hierarchical merging of priced items produced by the pricing module of FusionR and items from the customer's current account balance by various attributes of subdivision. That is, the items appear in the invoice design at different levels of items, such as a variety of traffic and base fees plus VAT summaries.

The solution should be general enough to be used in different environments. Such describing hierarchy should be defined, which include the environment-specific summaries and subdivisions. For example, in waterworks environment the consumed water, and sewer fees and default charges in a month, the summaries of VAT and the overall total amounts and the summaries of consumption according to the meter devices. In telecommunication environment the traffic charges, and also the summaries of VAT and overall total amounts.


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