Courier delivery management on a digital platform based on SAPUI5

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During the selection of the topic of this thesis it was a main standpoint to choose a new technology which is capable of developing and supporting business processes in wide range. Companies’ daily operational goal is to run cost-effective processes, while they offer high quality service. This thesis will contain a detailed introduction of a courier company, which will change-over from paper based working to digital.

The evolution of technology enables us to handle digitally the administration and background processes. To properly understand the business environment and the development possibilities I will introduce the processes of the courier company, and the available solutions on the market. Based on the information which is collected during the researches I will compare the pros and cons between the custom development and the available solutions on the market. We will see that the business processes and the environment sets some requirements which cannot be satisfied via out of the box solutions. Based on this fact the custom development is the proper choice. We had to choose a technology which is available on different platforms, such as mobile or desktop. The thesis will introduce the development processes of the application and the backend part. The main focus will be on the front-end development, but we will get an overview of the backend as well. The technologies (SAP UI5, OData) which are used to implement this application will be presented as well.

As a result of these technologies and development processes we get a fully functioning application which is properly usable in business environment. This application can be used by any companies which runs a delivery service like the one which is introduced in this thesis.

In conclusion I will summarize the possibilities of further development.


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