Development of a Java EE based portal supporting the organization of footbal matches and betting

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of my thesis is to present and to get acquainted with Java Enterprise Edition through an operable application. The Java EE is a widely used server side programming platform. Java EE extends the Standard Edition by providing an API for fault tolerance, distributed and multi-tier architectures. Java supports the developing components at each tiers with specific technology.

The components of the business logic are constructed in Enterprise Java Beans, which technology uses container pattern. This expression means that scope of transaction or thread duties and other functions which are used by the application layer are entrusted to the container. As an interface for the user i chose the Java Server Faces technology to implement the web tier. JSF is a request-driven MVC web framework for constructing user interfaces using components.

In order to present these technologies i have decided to develop a portal which supports registered users to create a championships and later in the lifecycle of the competition he/she can publish easily the status of the matches. On the internet there are a lot of applications which help you create and manage your personal events, but hard to find a program which supports you to set up a championship. In case of an institution or a club wants to organise a championship for their workers or members where they desire to visualise the outcome of the matches, mostly they achievi it with a piece of paper. The above solution is quite roundabout and not at all safe. A program could solve this problem, although only a few companies or clubs have the competent person to implement such an application. At this point they can hire somebody to have the job done which is often very expensive or they opt the paper style version.

The portal I developed for my thesis is going to offer a solution for the problems which are mentioned above. Using my application any user could create and organise a competition through a well designed graphical web interface. The owner of a championship can customize it on many levels such as he/she can decide if the competiotion should start with group mathces or with knockout phase. The portal also supports betting mechanism which in my opnion can be an elemental part of organising a championship.


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