Development of running competition organiser application based on JEE

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The task was to develop a running competition organizer system based on JEE. My goal was to choose the newest free and open source technologies and to automate the development process. That is the reason why I have chosen the JEE for the solution, Maven as the project management tool, Jenkins for the continuous integration, TestNG for the automated tests and GIT as the version control system. The complex multi module maven project was built from scratch based on the simple maven project.

In the web development it was also goal to use open source component framework (Primefaces). I was aim to write reusable code and templates. The look of the web pages are centralized, Primefaces theme is used together with own CSS style sheets. Responsive CSS technique is used to adapt the content to the size of the window in different devices.

During the development process I realized that the theme of the thesis could be more general. It could be good for organizing any events which based on timing. That is why the developed application does not contains Orienteering specific objects rather than generalized objects and also it was not developed only for the SPORTident system.

The MySQL database server had been chosen as the database engine. The model of the 20 tables had been designed with the MySQL Workbench.

Wizards helps to the user to fill the web forms, validators checks if all the necessary data has been filled, converters produces the right types from objects. Editable, searchable and sortable sheets, menus and drop-down menus increase the user experience.

I think the techniques and tools what I have chosen provides strength base for the application.


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