Running event support system palanning and development

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years, the running races organised in cities are very popular, and these races are breaking the participation numbers records year by year. For the athletes, it is a huge experience to run on the most fascinating parts of the cites which usually used by the cars on average days.

Usually the participants don’t arrive alone for these kind of events, helpers and fans come with them. Most often the way of the races is just planned for one lap so the spectators can’t cheer the runners all the way, after the start they meet in the finish zone. In this way the spectators can’t know where the athlete is on the track and how many kilometers to go. And at the end it is not even easy to find the runner after the finish in the crowd.

The motivation of the thesis was to find a possible solution for these inconveniences. The theme was planning and developing an Android based application which can be used to follow the athlete along the race. With the application the spectator can see the runner on the map and can go to some specific spots to cheer for the athlete. And it can be also used for finding the runner after the finish.

In the thesis project I developed the Android application with two user modes, depend on the roles runner or spectator, and the backend also which is Spring Boot web service with MySQL database and RabbitMQ message broker.

In this thesis I describe the steps of the planning and the development, with a short overview of the technologies I had been used.


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