Making GPS logger microcontroller

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of my Thesis Project is the designing of a GPS data logger. It has been a long time I would like to deal with this topic. Lately I see more and more devices can communicate with satellites on a daily basis. It is almost impossible that I do not see any GPS navigation devices at the car/bus driver seat on a journey, or I do not use my mobile phone when walking to navigate myself on a map: where we are, and where to go.

In my thesis I will discuss briefly about the history and description of the Global Positioning System, the selection of the elements needed to complete the task, advantages-disadvantages (consideration), furthermore about the schematic structure, designing the printed circuit board, difficulties of the soldering any required elements, finally care about testing this modules. This is followed by development of the panel and discription of the necessary software source code.

In addition to the task description, during the development I provided my predesigned panel with further tools: such as capability to connect with other optional devices using SPI interface and benefit from the acquired position, speed, time, etc. sended by the satellites. I designed the device for a wide input voltage range and provided with two different types of connectors, so it is suitable to operate with the conventional portable battery power and it is also can be used with any other input voltage connector, for example the 12V powered cigarette lighter in the car. Finally I also prepared the panel to cooperate with a GSM network, so GSM module, Sim Card Holder, GSM aerial can found on the panel taking advantages of SMS or mobile internet connection. At the end of my thesis the usage and further development will be discussed related to foregoing.


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