GPS data logger microcontroller design

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My Bachelor thesis is a designing process, which describes the steps I had to go through from the idea to the realization, creating the finished product.

My device is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). It's function is to decode the signals of the satellites and transform them into position-data, which are then processed by the microcontroller controlling unit, and displayed by the alphanumeric LCD display. The collected data is written on a microSD card logged by periods of time or distance. They are sent to the PC if there is an existing PC connection.

Besides from this I also had to design a remote unit which displays the velocity data coming from the main unit through radiofrequency on a visible 7-segment display.

I started this project during Project Laboratory with designing the hardware of the data logger, and I completed it in my Bachelor thesis. The first step of the realization of both the logger and the remote unit was the creation of the block diagram, followed by the detailed specification of the hardware and the designing of the PCB. I measured the finished hardware with no load at first. After that I checked out the operation of the test software too, to correct the errors of the implementation which occurred during the test. Then the wrote the operator code, which was finished with testing again.


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