GPS data logger microcontroller design

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my Bachelor thesis project I present the designing steps of a GPS data logger from the selection of parts through the creating of the circuit diagram up to the development of the software controlling the entire system. The implemented device is able to display the current geographical coordinates and speed on an alphanumeric LCD modul. The coordinates of the actual position are stored at regular time or distance intervals set by the user from among given parameters on an SD card. The data are saved using a FAT file system in GPX format that is compatible with mapping softwares.

The task was carried out in two parts due to the lack of time. I developed the hardware during the Project Laboratory. However, since this was my first microcontroller project I had got neither experiences nor practice and the applied microcontroller wasn’t the best choice. Apart from this I created a working device. The second and current phase was the development of the software and designing an additional bike-anti-theft feature that can be interfaced to the GPS tracker using a GSM modul and an accelerometer.

To make a viable bike-anti-theft system the current device must be miniaturized. This requires to remove some components (eg. LCD display) to fit others (eg. GSM modul, accelerometer) and to select new ones (eg. microcontroller).


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