GPS data logger microcontroller design

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of my thesis is to create a microcontroller based GPS logging system.

GPS modules tend to get more popular due to the simplification and the spread of the technology, and to their decreasing price. They are more and more applied in smart devices, drones and robots. We can also think about the (not so far) future's engineering break-through, the introduction of the autonomous cars, which use GPS modules for navigation. I chose this topic to get familiarized with this technology.

The thesis commences with the description of the GPS technology.

In the second chapter it presents the specification and the architecture of the whole system, and justifies the mean of the utilized components.

Then the design of the primary printed circuit board is detailed.Starting with the selection and specification of the components, afterwards the schematic and the printed circuit design procedure is demonstrated among with the soldering and initial testing operations.

The fourth chapter tells us about the design of the complementary printed circuit board in an identical structure as the third chapter was presented.

The fifth chapter details the software design of the project.

The thesis ends with the evaluation of the work and with the possible ways of improvement.


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