GPS-based notification system for different mobile platforms

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smartphones are becoming more and more widespread nowadays. Following the high technology Nokia appliances, the appearance of iPhone and Android has helped the worldwide spread of these devices. Their common features are the built-in camera, WiFi, GPS and accelerometer. Common applications make use of these components only the regular way. However, they carry the potential of numerous innovative ideas if we use our imagination. Coming up with a good application guarantees success, since these appliances are always at hand in our pocket all day long; thus, our applications will be used frequently by many users.

As a student I use public transport to commute from home to school every day. The travelling takes one and a half hour daily. I wanted to make this ‘waste of time’ useful by being able to deal with something else without disruption while sitting on the bus, not paying special attention where I need to get off.

In my thesis, I introduce the designing and the development of an application which realizes an alarm clock by using the GPS modul of smartphones. The application works as follows: by previously recording the public transport stops used in our everyday travel, the appropriate stop can be chosen before travelling, and then we need to set how much time before arrival the phone should ring. Subsequently, we simply need to occupy ourselves, either by reading the newspaper, leafing through our favourite book or sleeping for a few minutes. We do not have to worry, since our phones monitor our position and wake us up at the appropriate time and place, irrespective of traffic conditions.


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