GPS-based vehicle tracking devices for electronic toll collection

OData support
Berényi Zsolt
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The introduction of interoperable, usage-based electronic toll systems in freight transportation is a primary economic concern of the European Union, and also an important driving force of the ongoing road-telematics standardizations. Besides conventional, toll gate based solutions, the emerging satellite-based technologies offer a totally new array of possibilities and are also increasingly being promoted by the EU. The importance and timeliness of the subject is evident, as a new Hungarian toll collection system is due to be built in the near future, based entirely on European standards.

In my thesis I will describe the European recommendations and directives for electronic toll systems, and will present parts of a compliant experimental system which were developed by me.

My task includes the design and implementation of an infrastructure consisting of vehicle tracking devices and a data collection server. A map-based online monitoring interface will also be developed. By supplying further simulational and testing components, I will illustrate, that the solution provides a suitable basis for a national system that can compete on a European level. Finally I will give the exact steps for further development and scaling of the application.


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