GPS handover prediction system's database synchronization in a client--server environment

OData support
Dr. Jeney Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The theme of my thesis is a sotfware implementation, which has been developed by the Mobile Innovation Centre (MIK). The programme is GPS-based and uses prediction methods to perform handover management for mobile terminals between different wireless access networks. The fundamentals of system are the MIPv6 / NEMO network protocolls.

During my thesis work I’ve learned the about the protocolls mentioned above and get familiar with system’s operation. With this knowledge I’ve designed an auxiliary modul which synchronises the proper informations of the database used by the original programme between each mobile terminal by a controlling server. This communication is based on a client – server architecture.

I give detailed information about the considerations of the design, the subsystem structure and the relations between it’s modules. I describe the test results and do a theoretical calculation at the point of scalability. Last but not least I point the view of the programme’s deficiency and also show some opportunities about future improvements.


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