GPS handover prediction system's database synchronization in a P2P environment

OData support
Dr. Jeney Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This document describes the GPS based handover modul, which was developed by the Mobil Innovation Centre, and the description of the peer-to-peer sub-modul, which improves the effeciency of the above--mentioned modul.

First of all, in Section 1, I introduce the initial and the supplemented system briefly, not concentrating on the code level description. Thereafter in Section 2 I expound the used network architecture with its advantages and disadvantages. Section 3 contains all the used message types, and a few examples about the operation of the modul. Some flow charts, are trying to help the Reader understanding how the whole sub-modul works. After being aware of how the DBU works, in Section 4 I explain, why I have chosen JAVA as the language of the implementation. However this thesis is not written with the aim of describing the whole implementation in the code level, but I consider it important to give a general knowledge about the classes and methods of the sub-modul, and a few SQL operations. In Section 5 I introduce the installation of the modul on Ubuntu systems, and finally I present the results of the testing process.


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