GPS modul development for data acquisition equipment

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Environmental protection is one of the crucial questions of our days, that includes continuous monitoring of the quality features of the rivers and lakes. Thanks for the advanced digital measuring devices, it becomes possible to design mobile data acquisition systems which able to provide online data from the examined area.

The topic of this thesis is to develop an intelligent GPS device, which is the part of an integrated data acquisition system. This device will provide necessary data from the local environmental conditions for the documentation of the on-site measurement. The presented device makes the date, time, location coordinates and also atmospheric temperature and pressure values available via MODBUS RTU protocol.

The first chapter introduces the benefits of mobile measurement data acquisitions, which includes the required data for on-site water quality measurements.

The second chapter explains the basics of the GPS global positioning system, then introduce and compare three GPS modules which could meet the requirements for the intelligent GPS device. And finally a GPS module will be chosen.

The third chapter specifies the hardware design of the device and determines the requirements for the hardware modules. This chapter describes and compares two pressure- and temperature sensor, which comply with the implementation of the task.

The fourth chapter represents the operating software of the GPS device, including GPS message processing functions, the I2C routines for the sensor, and finally the MODBUS RTU protocol control functions, and the assignment of the registers.

The fourth chapter describes the device’s test results by on-site field measurements and using of test programs.

The thesis realized and supported by the KMR12-1-2012-0222 project.


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