Developing GPS Remote Monitoring System with microcontroller

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


In choosing this topic of the thesis for graduation I was directed by personal touch, because this theme deals with the security and trailing of objects and at the same time the goal was a design of a microprocessor based system.

As the plan of the thesis was outlined I began to look for materials necessary for actuation of parts of design available on Hungarian market. I have already had a developing board with a microcontroller for the Central Unit and an LCD panel needed for testing. I found almost all other parts in some shops of Budapest and Miskolc.

I continued with studying components and in parallel with it the shaping of logic design with the help of the Altium Designer CAD program. Those parts missing in the program I was to create myself. The completed printed circuit became ready by the accomplished logical schematic and footprints designed by me. Using my generated Gerber files the Department of Electronic Technology made the printed circuit card.

After the printed circuit card was ready and all parts were in my possession I started soldering in which beside one part (acceleration chip) I made it with a simple Weller type soldering-iron. After completing assembly I began to test the design and it was accomplished successfully after correcting a few errors. Having the card completed continued with creating the software system with the help of the Keil uVision program given to the developing kit.

Side by side with designing was made the documentation of the thesis.

In the course of making my work I could meet almost all the professional issues taught during BSc courses.


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